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Standing in FSU’s football stadium during a recent visit, Gabby Rennie looks forward to her next four years in Tallahassee. Photo Credit: Gabby Rennie

By Lexi Eastburn and Kendall Jenson

Admissions letters are finally in, and Viera High School seniors have officially made their decisions on where to go for life’s next step- college.

With 3,529 colleges across the state of Florida, there are plenty of options for students who want to stay in-state to choose from. A staggering 85% of Florida high schoolers enroll in in-state colleges and universities every year. With out-of-state costs being almost double that of in-state, it’s easy to see why this statistic is so high.

And staying in-state is nothing shabby; some of the most well-known universities are located right here in the sunshine state. University of Florida is not only known for their athletics, but also for their prestige academics. With a recent national championship, Florida State is name known all around the country. For University of Central Florida, their staggering 50,968 makes them the 3rd largest university in America.

In the fall of 2014, VHS students will be represented at all three of these flagship universities.

Jessica Manifold, current senior at Viera, plans to attend University of Florida next year. When asked about what she likes best about her future college, Jessica stated, “I like the huge campus,” and that UF is, “the best school in Florida”. UF has plenty of majors to offer. For Jessica, she plans on majoring in economics.

For senior Gabby Rennie, Florida State University will be her new home. Gabby plans on double majoring in business administration and child psychology, with a double minor in law and society and international relations. On why she chose FSU, Gabby said, “I chose FSU because of their welcoming atmosphere, they made me feel as though I would be an asset to their school and I could truly see it as a home for me. Gabby added, “They also have a very influential I’m Shmaked video.”

Matt Bolles, Viera senior, has chosen to spend his next four years at University of Central Florida to major in International Business. Being one of the largest schools in the nation, UCF has plenty of options for everyone and countless new people to meet, something that Matt enjoys. Matt says he chose UCF because of “Soccer, Orlando, and the large university atmosphere”.

Every student is unique in their own way, yet one thing they all seem to have in common is a love for their future school, no matter where it may be across the state of Florida.

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