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Festivals like Sunset, pictured here, feature colorful stage setups and light effects. (c) 2014 Angela Tesori

By Nikki Bean and Tia Rutherford

Amphitheaters are set up, fairgrounds are filled with crowds of people of all shapes and sizes, and music’s most unique collection of acts are taking the stages. It’s a time known as festival season, where in many cities all over the country, today’s talented artists perform. From Ultra to Coachella and everything in between, each festival is unique in itself, attracting people from all over to experience the mix of different genres including indie, rock, alternative, and electronic dance.

One of the biggest new trends of this generation and at Viera itself is raving, taken place at popular electronic dance music, or EDM, festivals. Festivals such as Ultra, Sunset, and Life in Color take place in Florida, and many others like them make their homes in other cities all over the country. Thousands of people dress up in colorful outfits comprised of but certainly not limited to: tutus, body paint, bandeaus, headdresses, face jewelry, flowers and a whole lot more. Senior Angela Tesori describes them as “cute and bright.” A popular trend at these festivals is the trading of “kandis,” or colorful beaded bracelets made before the concerts. Prominent electronic DJ’s such as Zedd, Steve Aoki, and Avicii grace the stages in performances filled will deafening bass and an array of colorful lights.

With its origins taking root way back in the 60’s, festivals such as Bonaroo, the Big Guava, and probably the most well-known, Coachella, all fall somewhere on the indie side of the festival spectrum. You’ll most likely find it visitors in long, flowing garments, open fronted shirts, woven bracelets, rings, sandals, and probably a flower crown or two thousand. “The style is unique, I think, and very individualistic,” Lauren Denien, a Junior at VHS, says. Something else these shows aren’t limited in are their talented musical acts. From well-known oldies such as Outkast and The Arctic Monkeys, to fresh faces like The 1975 and HAIM, you will never leave a music festival unsatisfied.

From indie to electronic, and pop-rock to alternative, there are thousands of festivals spread out across the United States, even Florida. Within them, I’m sure you’ll find your groove, and if you don’t this year, hey, there’s always next year.



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