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Working Out or Hardly Working?


By Sarah Lintner and Amanda Collins


Exercising keeps you fit, healthy and has a positive impact in your life. © 2014 Gale

We exercise to lose weight, so we can feel better about ourselves. According to the publication USA government, evidence shows that some of the leading causes of death in the United States, such as heart disease and cancer can be prevented by eating right. Staying physically active is an example of a good habit that can help you stay healthy. Physical activity benefits our lungs and muscles by making them work more, which is causing them to get stronger.

Preparing your body for exercise benefits you a lot more than you may think. Warming up before exercising is a good way to prepare your body. It increases your core and muscle temperature, which leads to loosens muscles. It increases the blood flow in your body causing more oxygen to be pumped to your muscles. Before exercising Senior Amanda Darienzo says she does, “Basic stretching with arm behind the head and foot touches.” There are four key warmups, General warm- up, Static stretching, Sport Specific warm up and Dynamic Stretching.

For those who are just starting out, you may like to start with an easy workout. “I workout five to six times a week giving myself a recovery day,” Sophomore Jordan Walsh states. We recommend a short thirty minute workout a few days a week. One you could start with is, four minutes of chair crunches leading into four minutes of chair crunches with a twist. After crunches go into five minutes of grocery bag curls then another five minutes of grocery-bag rowing, then ending with four minutes a piece of leg lifts, hip hikers and heel raises.

For people who want to take it a step further, try vigorous work outs. We recommend the three hundred workout. The three hundred workout contains twenty-five pull-ups, twenty five dead lifts, fifty push-ups, fifty box jumps, fifty floor wipers, fifty clean & press ending it with twenty-five more pull-ups, all together it will end up being three hundred reps total.

What you eat effects your workout as well. It energizes you and helps your body during a workout session. You should try to focus on low-fat, medium on carbs and protein, and low fiber for example a grilled chicken sandwich. “Fruit, oatmeal, eggs, all healthy organic food and once in a while a treat,” Senior Amanda Darienzo said to us. You need to have a good amount of fluids as well, which is about sixteen ounces of water before you exercise.

Working out can be a little tough for everyone at some point. Here are some tips that may help. Try and pick an exercise that you enjoy, if you start an exercise and don’t like it then you can always change it. You don’t have to always stick to one exercise routine. Sophomore Madison Laser states, “Just keep going.”




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