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Taste and Tell: Pizza Gallery & Grill Review


The perfect desert to end a perfect meal!

The perfect desert to end a perfect meal!


Delicious garlic knots served warm and fresh.

By Cori Fisher and Julia Ramsey. 

Pizza Gallery & Grill has been a local favorite for years. When you say the name, everyone knows it! The restaurant is highly respected and always serves the community by hosting fundraising events, like 5-k runs, and is a huge sponsor for Space Coast Soccer Club. But what is it about this place that is so unique? Freshman, Kayla Hiessenbuttel claims, “their unique aspect that sets them apart from other restaurants is the beautiful artwork displayed everywhere you look.” The artwork is exchanged every month, promising a new piece of art every time you visit.

Julia and I walked into the restaurant and we were immediately helped and guided to a table. The atmosphere was peaceful, yet alive with talking, eating, and music. The walls were covered in paintings, every single piece connected in a common theme. Our waiter was quick to serve us, and continually checked up to see if we needed anything. Just like Sydney Alliance said, “The service was quality.” We were impressed that the service at Pizza Gallery focused so much on connecting with their customers. This first impression set us off on the right foot; we were really happy with the service and the atmosphere of Pizza Gallery.

When you go to a new restaurant, you usually have trouble figuring out what you want to eat, and sometimes the menu is no help with fancy words and weird descriptions, but here, the waiter was so helpful, and knew every detail to every meal- I was impressed. Pizza Gallery has so much more than just pizza, and out of the crazy amount of different kinds of sandwiches they had to offer, we had trouble on choosing which ones to get. We asked our waiter what he would recommend and he pointed us to the Chicken Parmesan sandwich. We tested his knowledge on nearly all the different kinds of sandwiches, and he proved himself to be very well informed. To wait on our meal, we ordered Pizza Gallery’s famous Doughnots as an appetizer. Our appetizer arrived so quickly, warm and perfectly seasoned. Five minutes went by and we were being served the most delicious bread nots, which was served with a creamy white parmesean sauce.

Our meal was served in under fifteen minutes. The presentation was clean, and everything was perfectly placed. It was toasty warm, and the ingredients, such as the lettuce and bread, tasted so fresh. Julia and I fell in love with this sandwich; it exceeded our expectations. The sandwich was not hard, and nowhere near soggy and it was easy to eat and comfortable to handle. This meal was extraordinarily tasty. I would definitely recommend it! Next, after we ate our main meal, we ordered dessert. Julia and I ordered the Peanut Butter Chocolate Pie, served with caramel and chocolate drizzled all over. The presentation was even more beautiful on this platter, and the taste of this pie was dreamy. The chocolate and peanut butter went together flawlessly, and the texture was soft and creamy. Both the meal and the dessert together, filled us up and left us content and happy.

Our experience at Pizza Gallery& Grill was very satisfying. We both can see clearly why this restaurant is a favorite. The service was respectable and friendly, the menu was full of different options, and the meal and dessert exceeded what was expected. This whole dinner was very enjoyable and we had an awesome time. Nick Harper, a 9th grade student here at Viera agrees, “Pizza Gallery is a great place for both adults and kids, I would definitely go again!” Pizza Gallery & Grill is in the Avenues up in Viera, and I recommend it to everyone who loves good food and a good time!



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