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The One and Only, Tyler Heflin

Laughing with the golden retriever, Nala, Tyler Heflin shows his happy personality.

Laughing with a golden retriever, Nala, Tyler Heflin shows his happy personality.

By Halie Beasley and Annie Stoll

Laughing, smiling, and helping are all words that describe the one and only Tyler Heflin. Tyler is a junior here at Viera High School and will be moving away this summer. We took it upon ourselves to see what people think of him, what he thinks of himself, and why he is moving.

Tyler has many admirable traits, but we wanted to focus on just a few that tend to stand out.  Brooke Crawford, a friend of Tyler and a senior at Viera reports on a few of his quality traits. “Tyler’s best trait is that he can be friends with everyone. He is so friendly and accepting of others. He gets along with everyone and he can make anyone smile.” Tyler is a hilarious, selfless, understanding human being who will always be there if you need a hug or a laugh.

Along with the outstanding reviews done about Tyler by others, we asked Tyler to answer the same questions about himself. Not surprisingly, the answers were just about the same. Speaking of himself in the third person, Tyler wrote, “I would probably compare him with Jim Carrey, they are both funny, and pretty crazy, but fun”. As you can see, he is quite the character! He’s always striking up a laugh for everyone within earshot!

So, now we have explained Tyler’s personality and how people feel about him. But we haven’t explained where or why Tyler is leaving Florida. Along with many others here at Viera High School, Tyler’s dad is involved in the military, which means he’s moved around a lot throughout his life. Sadly, the time has come again for Tyler and his family to seek a new home as his dad fills the open military spot in South Carolina. This summer, they will be departing the sunshine state on their journey northward.

As seen through the endearing responses about Tyler from others, it is evident that his departure will be upsetting for many. Lauren Walker, a junior at VHS was originally unaware he was moving, but claimed, “…that’s sad to hear. He’s someone I won’t forget having met in high school when I’m older.” Lauren is not alone in her disappointment about Tyler’s departure.

Tyler Heflin is a wonderful, kind friend to many, and we’re sure they could join us in saying, ‘thank you, Tyler!’ He will surely be missed by all those who had the pleasure of getting to know him.



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