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Singing with Shrek

By Kimberly Szekely and Michelle Pillado


Shrek the Musical, put on by the drama department a few weeks back, showed a lot of amazing talent in many places.


The story really always starts the same, with “Once upon a time.”  A storybook comes onstage telling of a young ogre, and a young princess who came from very different places, and so begins a story that we all know.  This is the beginning of Shrek the Musical.  It goes on to tell of the story of an ogre who goes on an adventure with a talking donkey to rescue a princess from a dragon guarded tower.  The princesses’ name is Fiona and the ogre’s name is Shrek, the name sake for this production.  Once he rescues her, they go on their journey to get Fiona to her wedding, with the arrogant man who wishes to be a king.  On their way they realize they have fallen in love.  Due to a few complications, and some miscommunication, they fall apart; once everything is cleared up, the bad guy is defeated, our main man gets the girl, and everything ends with a “Happily ever after”.

The tech and cast members of the musical had a lot of praise for their production, it was a wonderful place to make new friends and discover new talents.  Arthur Mehirtsky, grade twelve told us, “Performing in front of a live audience, hearing their laughs and gasps was amazing.  It almost made signing up for the play worth it.”  And Parker Howard who is in ninth grade replied, “the social interaction was the part I enjoyed most about the musical.”  While this musical may have been fun, there were some stressful parts of it too.  There are several things that have to be done in order for any production to run smoothly, and this one sure had plenty.  Mathew Cardillo a ninth grader replied about his most stressful thing was, “Trying to find your costume or prop before you go on.”  And Arthur Mehirtsky stated that his was, “meeting demands and keeping with schedule.” The tech and cast member had a lot to deal with going into this play, but coming out I feel pretty safe saying that they were satisfied with the outcome.

There were plenty of things about this play to like, from the snappy songs, to the funny lines, but ninth grader Valeria Lopez  stated, “My favorite part was the ending when all of the characters sing, “I’m a believer”.  This song was significant because it wrapped up the ending.  This was the last song of the entire play, and it was the song that was going as the curtains were about to pull.  The characters were also a lively part of this production, Valeria Lopez, also told us, “Donkey was my favorite character.”  And it is not hard to imagine seeing all of the wit, and humor that came from him.  Donkey who was portrayed by A.J. Cotton was a major selling part of the show.  The rating when given by Valeria Lopez was, “Three out of five stars because of some technical difficulties.”  This is a true sign that it was a great play.  All in all, I’d say it was a great success!




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