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Music: The One Thing We Can’t Live Without.

ImageBy: Cameran Merritt and Laura DiFilippi

“Music is everyone’s possession.” John Lennon couldn’t have been any more right when he said this; music is something everyone has and can use to truly define who they are.

From 2pac to 2chainz and from MJ to JB, Viera High has a diverse variety when it comes to music taste. Even though the majority of the student body mainly listens to Pop, we still have an intricate mix of old souls, true rockers and head boppers.

Despite the trends of the music world, Viera students listen to various underground artists according to interviews we have conducted. Two frequently mentioned musicians are Odd Future and Marina and The Diamonds. Both of which were highly recommended by those who mentioned them.

Other than the music from the hippie crowd, we always have room for our true fangirls. From the beloved Justin Bieber to pop icons One Direction, we couldn’t seem to avoid them. With their extremely dedicated fans, these British beauties and Canadian sensation truly are the chart toppers of today.

The most popular genre among the students of Viera, though, came out to be Rap/Hip Hop with many favorites being A$AP Rocky or Drake. The students we interviewed told us they enjoy this genre the most because of the relatable lyrics and contagious beats.

Seeing artist perform live is always a favorite of everyone. We asked the students and teachers if they could see anyone in concert, dead or alive, who would it be? We got answers from Coldplay to Aerosmith, all interviews saying how much they love the groups.

Although the students have a diverse taste in music, we all have one thing in common, the fact that we love it. Music is the one thing that can bring so many people together. Music can save lives, as well as just bring happiness. This beautiful art has become so much more than just entertainment and hopefully can one day bring the students of Viera High closer together


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