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It’s Not a Fair You Can Find Anywhere!


Swirling high on the Ferris Wheel, Monica Parish snap a shot of the dazzling lights of the fair

By Rachel Parish, Gina Lorenzini, and Constance Reese

“Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls welcome to the fair!” The fair lights spark on with dozens of bright colors, rides with exhilarating screams, and different smells of mouth-watering food filled the air. People around the county came to experience the one week fair.

People all around come for fairs for different reasons, Senior Trene Merritt states she, “wanted to ride the rides.” In the Space Coast Fair there are dozens of different rides for all ages. This type of fair comes once every season like Junior Michelle Kleeberg confesses, “I went to the Fall Space Coast Fair back in October or November, but going to fairs isn’t a regular occurrence for me.” Fairs are for everyone; bring family or siblings as Kim Walter, senior, brought her sisters.

Walking through the fair, millions of smells surround you, from the popcorn to the funnel cakes. Then question is, ride first or eat first? Burton Sumner, freshman, confessed with eating funnel cake in her fair trip and Kat Brady, junior, agrees with Sumner on the must have in the fairs, “Funnel cakes… They’re sweet and warm and taste good.” However, food is not the only thing to attract people to the fairs- the rides and games bring in people of all ages. With many attractions set up around the fields, Sophomore Adrian Lozano states that his favorite rides are the thrilers. “It’s the fast part that you never get to experience, Speed and Fireball (ride names) are great, they are a high you never could get in reality.” Ramses Gonzalez, junior, agrees with Lozano of the best rides are, “the high and fast one because [they] are the extreme ones and I like the feeling of adrenaline.” Although Luis Vazquez, senior, disagrees with the height rides because he doesn’t like heights. Junior Kat Brady has another approach for different rides, “I like the smaller rides because they’re fun and fast.” Brady adds, “The big ones scare me.”

Like small and big rides? Love different foods and games? Well come on down to the Space Coast Fair, in town for April 17th to the 27th.  It opens at five p.m. Monday through Friday and one p.m. on weekends.  Tickets are ten dollars on weekdays and fifteen dollars on weekends. Bring friends and family for a night of crazy rides and fun shows, be there or be square!




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