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ISIS: An International Danger


Demonstration against ISIS in Tehran, IranBy Camren Morehouse

Co-authors: Ricky Cupoli & Kasey Poirier

ISIS is an Islamic Extremist group taking over the Middle East in the name of Allah. What started as a splinter group from Al-Qaeda, now has turned into a major threat to Americans and many other.

As an Extremist group, ISIS kidnapped more than 140 Kurdish school boys and force them to join their militia. They have also taken control of Mosul and Tikrit, two major cities in Iraq. They are a very persuasive terrorist group, as they have enticed hundreds of people from more than 50 different countries to join them.

ISIS poses a threat to not only the Americas, but also the countries with which it inhabits. They created a caliphate, which is Islamic state led by a supreme religious or political leader known as a caliph, who is a successor to Muhammad. ISIS has declared authority to over 1.5 billion Muslims of the world, with their goal being to bring the world under Islamic rule. They do this by making threats to areas of which they wish to rule. They have made threats to the White House that they will raise their flag inside. More serious death threats have been made, as the extremist threat they will strike anywhere Americans are and “drown them in blood”. Numbers of ISIS members are over 30,000 but are increasing. Attorney General Eric Holder said westerners that are joining ISIS and then returning home are a great threat.

America is doing its fair share in fighting ISIS. President Barack Obama has ordered air strikes to hold back the militants. The pentagon has sent out 300 additional troops to Iraq making the total 800 US troops. America also sends supplies, such as weapons and medical aids, overseas to the militants fighting against ISIS. President Obama feels that it is important to protect American personnel and diplomatic facilities through coordinated airstrikes to ensure that towns like Erbil aren’t taken over.

American citizens feel conflicted on whether they should get involved. After just spending almost a decade in the Middle East, many citizens feel they should not spend more money or send more troops. Other citizens feel that we are obligated to help being that we are one of the most powerful nations in the world.



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