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Chinese American Flags: The Man Who Stepped Up

By Ricky Cupoli, Camren Morehouse, Kasey Poirier

According to The Huffington Post, nearly ninety-four percent of United States flags have been imported from China. Thats about 3.6 million dollars worth of flags. A recent act was proposed to require all U.S. flags flown on government buildings to be made in the USA.

Retired lieutenant colonel and current ROTC teacher at Viera high school Tim Thomas had worked hard to get the act passed through legislation. Thomas recently went to the state capitol to testify to the local government committee to why we should pass the bill.


LTC. Tim Thomas (Ret.) Key figure to American Flag Act heads to Tallahassee to advocate the bill on March 10th

Tim Thomas firmly believes in this act as a part of his patriotism for serving in the army. “… [the bill] will ensure dignity and respect by being made in America” Viera High School Senior Melissa Curtin was asked how she felt about imported flags. She responded with, “It kind of offends me that they make flags in China because it’s a communist country with opposing ideals to the values of America.”

If this bill were to be enacted into law, it would require all government buildings to have American made flags flown on the buildings. This would in turn require the state to purchase new flags for all state government buildings. Tim Thomas is surely an advocate for this to happen, and supports his opinion by going to the state capitol and voicing his opinion. With supporting congressman on his side, he hopes the bill will gain enough momentum and “build synergy with a coalition to put pressure on lawmakers” to pass the bill. The bill must pass through four committees and pass a floor vote before it can be enacted into law. So far, the bill has passed two committees. If passed, the bill will become law by April 1st. Advocates for the American Flag Act believe this wil promote American values. Should American-made flags be a necessity for government buildings?



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