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Hawk Buddies Donut Dash

By Cheyenne Camarra, Emilie Bailey

The hawk buddies club held the first ever donut dash fundraiser, the event took place on Febuary 14th 2015 from nine a.m till noon. This event was a great success.

Hawk buddies is a great program for people to be involved with, this is the schools fourth year of holding this program for kids with disabilities. This club is a great way for students to show their apperciation for students with disabilities and to give them some of the normal high school experiences.

Ms. Hummel, the teacher who organized this event, was given an interview by us. They created this event to have a fun activity to show support for students with disabilities, to get people active, and of course enjoy some donuts.

Q: Will you be doing this event next year and why?

A: We had a lot of success with this event this school year and plan to have the same event next year.

Q: Can you describe the overall success of the event?

A: The event was a great success! Even with the westher not being in our favor we had a great turnout and everyone enjoyed doing their two mile walk/ run and eating donuts. Then after the walk/run we had different activites set up for people to participate in. We had activites such as obstacle courses , blind donut tasting (guess the flavor of the donut) and pin the tail on the donut. Eveyone involved had a great time and gave the students with disabilities to have fun too.

Q: How many participants were at the event?

A: I want to say there was around sixty people there. They may have been more but I do not remember. A lot more people made donations that were not able to make it due the weather or had other plans.

Q: How much total revenue was earned and what is it going towards?

A: Around one thousand dollars or more was raised from this event, this money is going towards hawk buddy t- shirts and other events coming up in the future. Overall I think it was a great success!

Kelsey Kagan, a member of Hawk Buddies, said she would do the event again, it gave her a great experience of learning new things and discovering new friends. Kagan recalls that she had an amazing time! In discussing her favorite part of Hawk Buddies, Kagan stated, “Going on field trips with the kids is my favorite part because it was a wonderful bonding experience and the kids were sincerley happy and apperciated everyone being there for them!”


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