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Viera High School is home to many talented and state recognized athletes. On April 12th, Viera welcomed one more state athlete to their list- Sydney Novak. Novak is a member of a more uncommon sports team, but has put in just as much work to emerge victorious- Rowing. As part of Space Coast Crew, Novak has put in a lot of time and effort to get where she is today with her two person sculling boat.

Space Coast Crew is an athletic club that allows boys and girls across Brevard county schools to participate in rowing. Novak was a part of the freshman girls two person sculling boat that won states. Sculling is where each rower is responsible for two paddles, instead of just one like in a typical crew race. Novak was selectively chosen, along with her teammate from Westshore Jr./Sr. High, by the boys’ team coach to take part in sculling. This was her first year sculling and Novak impressed everyone by receiving this title as a freshman.

Sydney Novak became interested in rowing after participating in a clinic and immediately fell in love with it. “It was the perfect sport for me,” stated Novak. She has been around boats her whole life, making crew like second nature to her. “My favorite thing about rowing is racing, I love it. It’s such an adrenaline rush.” Her state win was initially surprising to Novak, but she was immediately filled with excitement when she was taken to the winner’s dock with her partner. Novak hopes to continue with her passion throughout high school, and is looking to row in college as well.

Congratulations to Sydney Novak for her impressive state victory, and we wish her luck in her future endeavors with Space Coast Crew and whatever else floats her way.



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